Survive and thrive in the pay-for-performance era

The transition to a value-based care reimbursement model has forced our industry to rethink the way we operate. Healthcare leaders that are succeeding under this model understand the critical impact of high-quality clinical documentation on an organization’s financial health.

Our complete educational solutions span the entire revenue cycle, enabling hospital organizations to survive and thrive in the Medicare pay-for-performance era.

Our unique approach

In this quality-driven, value-based care environment, it is critical to prioritize documentation integrity across the organization in order to be successful. Our unique approach to education breaks down departmental silos and unifies clinical documentation across quality, utilization, denials and CDI.

Breaking down silos - revenue cycle management services

Our results

Clients that work with us experience the following benefits:

  • Increased case mix index (CMI) due to accurate and complete reporting of diagnosis and procedures that drive severity of illness and risk of morality (SOI/ROM)
  • Improved quality outcomes reporting, including:
    • Observed to Expected (O:E) Rate
    • Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs)
    • Hospital Acquired Infections/Conditions (HAI/HACs)
  • Increased payor reimbursement
  • Improved perception of quality due to accurate reporting of publicly available data
  • Improved staff satisfaction due to support provided, increased knowledge and collaborative approach to documentation integrity

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