Dr. Timothy Brundage established Brundage Medical Group more than a decade ago based on his passion for educating physicians on proper documentation techniques. Our company has evolved, with integrity, into the healthcare industry’s trusted provider of end-to-end CDI and revenue cycle solutions.  When our clients invest in us, we invest right back. Each of our valued clients is an extension of our Brundage Group family, treated with a hands-on approach to proving our value and committing to their success.

Hospitals invest in the value of our physician advisors and their collective years of clinical experience to improve documentation accuracy across their organizations and to optimize their revenue cycles, while improving their quality of patient care.

Learn how we can help your hospital navigate the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

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“Our optimum outcome is to foster a medical system where hospitals provide and patients receive a superior level of medical care. Our greatest accomplishment continues to be helping hospital administrations understand how to improve efficiencies by inputting high-quality, evidence-based healthcare into their hospitals.”
- Dr. Timothy Brundage

Dr. Brundage