Atrial Fibrillation: 2020 ICD-10 Code Updates

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Effective October 1, 2019, there are two new ICD-10 codes for atrial fibrillation specified as “chronic” or “permanent”. Previously non-CCs, these are now CCs.

Type of Afib ICD-10 code CC status
Paroxysmal I48.0 Non-CC
Long-standing persistent I48.11 CC
Persistent I48.19 CC
Chronic, unspecified I48.20 CC
Permanent I48.21 CC
Unspecified I48.91 Non-CC

“Chronic” atrial fibrillation (I48.20) is a new code that is a non-specific term indicating that atrial fibrillation of any type has been present for more than three months.

“Permanent” atrial fibrillation (I48.21) is a new code indicating a patient who takes rate control medication with no plans for conversion to sinus rhythm.

In these situations, unspecified atrial fibrillation is commonly documented. This represents a new query opportunity to further specify the type for CC status.

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