Type 2 MI – Risk of Mortality

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Did You Know? Type 2 MI has a higher risk of death than Type 1 NSTEMI.

Documentation is paramount to support the medical necessity of inpatient hospitalization, as well as the utilization of resources.
Avoid these terms that code to a lab abnormality and do not demonstrate medical necessity:
• “Troponin Washout”
• “Troponinemia”
• “Troponin Elevation”

Instead, consider these high-quality diagnoses that capture severity of illness (SOI) and support medical necessity:
• Type 2 MI
• MI due to Demand Ischemia

Remember to document the cause of the supply-demand mismatch:
• Fixed Coronary Atherosclerosis
• Coronary Spasm
• Coronary Dissection
• Tachyarrhythmia
• Bradyarrhythmia
• Hypertensive Emergency/Crisis
• Respiratory Failure

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