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Clinical definition:
-Lipase greater than three times the upper limit of normal
-Imaging findings compatible with pancreatitis

Did you know? Acute Pancreatitis is a frequent cause of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS). If SIRS is present, please be sure to document to accurately portray your patients’ SOI.

-SIRS secondary to pancreatitis WITHOUT organ dysfunction
-SIRS secondary to pancreatitis WITH organ dysfunction (ATN, metabolic encephalopathy, severe malnutrition)

Remember, SIRS is defined as ≥ 2 of the following 5 criteria:
– Pulse > 90bpm
– Temp > 100.4F (38.6C) or < 96.8F (36C)
– WBC > 12,000 or < 4,000
– Diff > 10% bands
– RR > 20/min or PCO2 < 32mmHg

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