Heart Failure: Framingham Criteria

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Reduce risk of denial for CHF admissions using the Framingham Criteria for CHF diagnosis. Document these each and every time along with the following:
• Acute or Chronic or Acute on Chronic
• Systolic/HFrEF or Diastolic/HFpEF
*Must have both the acuity and etiology descriptors to accurately describe heart failure and receive full credit for the work you do.

Major Minor
Acute pulmonary edema Ankle edema
Cardiomegaly Dyspnea on exertion (DOE)
Hepatojugular reflex Hepatomegaly
Neck vein distension (JVD) Nocturnal cough
Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea or orthopnea Pleural effusion
Rales Tachycardia (>120bpm)
Third heart sound gallop

*Heart failure exacerbation is diagnosed when two major criteria or one major and two minor criteria are met.

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