Encephalopathy, Unspecified

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“Unspecified encephalopathy is poorly defined, not all encephalopathies are MCCs, and the MCC status creates an incentive for coding personnel to not pursue specificity of encephalopathy. For these reasons, our clinical advisors agree that it is appropriate to change the severity level from an MCC to a CC. After consideration of the public comments we received, we are changing the severity level for ICD–10–CM diagnosis code G93.40 from an MCC to a CC.”

Physician education: Alterations in mental status require two elements: its manifestation and its underlying cause.

1. Manifestation: How the MS is altered: delirium, psychosis, coma or unconsciousness, etc.

2. Underlying condition:
a. Acute metabolic encephalopathy (from internal insult), e.g., due to sepsis, hypernatremia, hypoglycemia, hypoxia, etc.
b. Acute toxic encephalopathy (from external insult), e.g., alcohol or drug, toxin, medication, etc.

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