Common ED Procedures for Trauma

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Common ED Procedures Procedure Code
Antibiotic Administration – peripheral 3E03329
Antibiotic Administration – central line 3E04329
Arterial Pressure Monitoring 4A133B1
Central Venous Catheter (CVC) – Upper Vein 05HY33Z
CVC – Right internal jugular 05HM33Z
CVC – Left internal jugular 05HN33Z
CVC- Right subclavian 05H533Z
CVC – Left subclavian 05H633Z
CVC – Lower vein 06HY33Z
CVC – Right femoral 06HM33Z
CVC – Left femoral 06HN33Z
Chest tube – Right 0W9930Z
Chest tube – Left 0W9B30Z
CPR 5A12012
FAST – Abdomen BW40ZZZ
Ultrasound Pericardium to rule out tamponade B24CZZZ
Foley catheter 0T9B70Z
NG/OG 0D9670Z
Intubation 0BH17EZ
Tourniquet right upper arm 2W18X6Z
Tourniquet left upper arm 2W19X6Z
Tourniquet right lower leg 2W1LX6Z
Tourniquet left lower leg 2W1MX6Z
Transfuse packed red blood cells (PRBC) peripheral 30233N1
Transfuse plasma (FFP) peripheral 30233K1
Transfuse plasma peripheral 30233L1
Transfuse platelets peripheral 30233R1
Transfuse cryoprecipitate peripheral 30233M1
TXA administration 3E033GC


Common ED Procedures Procedure Code
Suture right upper eyelid 08QNXZZ
Suture left upper eyelid 08QPXZZ
Suture right ear 0HQ2XZZ
Suture left ear 0HQ3XZZ
Suture nose 09QKXZZ
Suture upper lip 0CQ0XZZ
Suture lower lip 0CQ1XZZ
Suture tongue 0CQ7XZZ
Suture scalp 0HQ0XZZ
Suture face 0HQ1XZZ
Suture neck 0HQ4XZZ
Suture chest 0HQ5XZZ
Suture back 0HQ6XZZ
Suture abdomen 0HQ7XZZ
Suture buttock 0HQ8XZZ
Suture right upper arm 0HQBXZZ
Suture right lower arm 0HQDXZZ
Suture right hand 0HQFXZZ
Suture left upper arm 0HQCXZZ
Suture left lower arm 0HQEXZZ
Suture left hand 0HQGXZZ
Suture right upper leg 0HQHXZZ
Suture right lower leg 0HQKXZZ
Suture right foot 0HQMXZZ
Suture left upper leg 0HQJXZZ
Suture left lower leg 0HQLXZZ
Suture left foot 0HQNXZZ

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