Closed Reduction of Fractures and Splint for Trauma

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Closed Reduction of Fractures

Closed Reduction Procedure Code
Humeral head – right 0PSCXZZ
Humeral head – left 0PSDXZZ
Radius – right 0PSHXZZ
Radius – left 0PSJXZZ
Ulna – right 0PSKXZZ
Ulna – left 0PSLXZZ
Femur – right (proximal) 0QS6XZZ
Femur – left (proximal) 0QS7XZZ
Fibula – right 0QSJXZZ
Fibula – left 0QSKXZZ
Tibia – right 0QSGXZZ
Tibia – left 0QSHXZZ
Pelvis – right 0QS2XZZ
Pelvis – left 0QS3XZZ



Right whole arm 2W38X1Z
Left whole arm 2W39X1Z
Right upper arm 2W3AX1Z
Left upper arm 2W3BX1Z
Right lower arm 2W3CX1Z
Left lower arm 2W3DX1Z
Right hand 2W3EX1Z
Left hand 2W3FX1Z
Right thumb spica 2W3GX1Z
Left thumb spica 2W3HX1Z
Right finger 2W3JX1Z
Left finger 2W3KX1Z
Right lower extremity 2W3LX1Z
Left lower extremity 2W3MX1Z
Right upper leg 2W3NX1Z
Left upper leg 2W3PX1Z
Right lower leg 2W3QX1Z
Left lower leg 2W3RX1Z
Right foot 2W3SX1Z
Left foot 2W3TX1Z
Right toe 2W3UX1Z
Left toe 2W3VX1Z

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