Always document the type of “anemia” as a separate problem from its cause.

Acute Blood Loss Anemias:

  • If a patient is anemic after an MVA, GSW, GI Bleed, Epistaxis, Laceration, Hematoma, Hematuria, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, etc., that anemia is due to acute blood loss and should be  documented as a separate problem from what caused it.
    • Ex: Prob #1 – GI Bleed due to diverticulosis
      Prob #2 – Acute Blood Loss Anemia due to GI Bleed
    • Ex: Prob #1 – Retroperitoneal Bleed due to warfarin
      Prob #2 – Acute Blood Loss Anemia due to Retroperitoneal Bleed
  • A transfusion is not required to make this diagnosis

Chronic Anemias:

  • Should always have the cause documented if known
  • Please document a likely cause as opposed to a pathological description
Clinical language that does NOT support your patients’ severity of illness Highly effective terminology that accurately reflects your patients’ acuity
Hypochromic, microcytic anemia Iron deficiency anemia

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