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Data from our proprietary analytics program, Certus Beacon, provides healthcare systems with insights unavailable through traditional programs. And the results speak for themselves. Our software allows organizations to rapidly adapt to the dynamic healthcare environment surrounding compliance and quality. We deliver analytic tools that allow you to monitor and react to changes impacting your healthcare system’s revenue cycle. We can slice and dice data from these areas that impact revenue to give you meaningful insights to drive decision making.

Level of Care

Are your observation rates appropriate for your patient population?

  • Utilize data-driven metrics to identify and assign compliant level of care.
  • Identify potential compliance issues in real time.
  • Identify clinicians that need targeted medical necessity education for level of care determinations.
  • Prevent denials before they happen through effective documentation.

Level of Care by Physician Group (click to enlarge)

Clinical Documentation Integrity

Are your providers documenting effectively to demonstrate high-quality care?

  • Benchmark and monitor clinical documentation opportunities at the system, facility and provider level.  
  • Optimize risk adjustment and ensure appropriate reimbursement.
  • Customized reporting to pinpoint opportunities for CDI education.

Revenue Generated by Physician

Denials Management

Are you working intelligently to prevent denials?

  • Analyze and identify denials by diagnosis, payor and provider.
  • Intervene on potential denials prior to payor review.
  • Recognize and track compliance issues. 

Payor Metrics

Do you have the ability to monitor payors?  

  • Monitor payor denial patterns and formulate mitigation strategies using Certus Beacon.
  • Flag at-risk accounts in real time to optimize intervention strategies.
  • Leverage insight gained from analytics to assist with payor contract negotiations.


Are you getting credit for the highquality care you provide? 

  • Use data-driven benchmarking.
  • Optimize risk profiles.
  • Identify potential complications, such as HAC/PSIs prior to final bill submission.   

Level of Care by Payor

DRG Optimization

Are you like the 70% of revenue cycle leaders nationwide that feel DRG optimization is an unsolved issue?

  • Use analytics to optimize DRG assignment and to ensure appropriate reimbursement.
  • Utilize our leading CDI education to ensure clinical documentation accurately portrays patient illness.     
  • Apply analytics to identify target DRGs for resource allocation.

Physician DRG by Volume

Interactive Physician Advisor Dashboard

Are you providing the tools necessary to ensure a compliant and efficient PA program?

  • Arm your PAs with the data needed to evaluate and manage your organizational goals.
  • Bridge the technological gap between health systems, providers and payors for internal or outsourced PA programs. 
  • Capture and report on key performance indicators to benchmark your program and identify targets for improvement.
  • Present streamlined customized data that equips physician advisors with tools to provide clinicians with real-time feedback and targeted education.  

Physician Advisor Dashboard

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