Physician Advisor Turned Certified Coder: Tackling the Challenges of Clinical Documentation

Hassan Rao, MD, CCS, CPC, Executive Physician Advisor at Brundage Group

Explore Dr. Hassan Rao’s transformative journey from hospitalist to certified coder, as an Executive Physician Advisor at Brundage Group. In “Physician Advisor Turned Coder: How I Learned to Tackle the Practical Challenges of Clinical Documentation,” Dr. Rao shares his journey from practicing hospitalist to delving into the complexities of clinical documentation and coding. Discover how he collaborates with Robin Sewell, a veteran coder and Clinical Coding Analyst at Brundage Group, to bridge the physician-coding gap and leads the physician-led DRG validation service line.

Hassan Rao, MD, CCS, CPC, possesses extensive expertise in clinical documentation, coding, quality, and utilization management. Leading the DRG validation service line, Dr. Rao advises clients in coding charts with high fidelity to ensure compliance, minimize denials, and maximize earned revenue. Additionally, Dr. Rao provides education on clinical and complex coding topics to providers, CDIs and coders.

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