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    Welcome to Brundage Group, where we specialize in creating customized, sustainable solutions for hospital Case Management and Utilization management. Enhance your healthcare capabilities today by trusting our team’s resources. We leverage our physician advisors and/or RN Case Managers to optimize clinical revenue cycles through unparalleled analytics and advisory methods while incorporating optimal staffing approaches.

    Your Trusted Partner in Healthcare Advancement

    For nearly 20 years, Brundage Group has been committed to supporting hospitals and health systems nationwide with our healthcare solutions. Founded by Dr. Timothy Brundage in 2002, we’ve evolved from educating physicians on impeccable documentation techniques into a beacon of innovation and change within the industry.

    Our offering includes Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Revenue Cycle Optimization, and Workforce Staffing Solutions designed to help reinforce your hospital community’s future, allowing you to care for those who need it most without sacrificing financial sustainability or quality outcomes.

    The Significance of Case Management

    Navigating the demanding and ever-changing landscape of modern healthcare requires comprehensive case management. For successful patient outcomes, hospital systems need to properly orchestrate a complex combination of medical professionals, administrative processes, and resources from admissions all the way through discharge. Case Management is the link between the finance and clinical teams.

    Hospitals can achieve optimal care and positive health outcomes through careful design strategies that create an efficient interplay between clinical personnel and key organizational elements. This integrated journey allows for an improved patient experience, lower costs, and successful outcomes every step of the way.

    Streamlining Patient Journeys: Hospital case management serves as the compass guiding patients through their healthcare journey. With a dedicated case manager overseeing the process, patients experience seamless transitions between departments, ensuring that no aspect of their care is overlooked.

    Optimizing Resource Allocation: The healthcare landscape is rife with limited resources, from beds to medical supplies to skilled professionals. Case management ensures the optimal utilization of these resources, eliminating waste and enhancing the hospital’s overall efficiency.

    Holistic Care Coordination: Many patients present with complex medical conditions requiring a multi-faceted approach. Case managers work collaboratively with various specialists to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address not only the medical aspect but also the emotional and social well-being of the patient.

    Patient Advocacy: Case managers advocate for patients within the healthcare system. They navigate administrative hurdles, communicate with various stakeholders, and ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care while considering their preferences and values.

    Financial Responsibility: The cost of healthcare can be a significant concern for patients. Case managers are pivotal in managing costs, working with insurance providers, and facilitating transparent communication about financial obligations.

    Mastering Success Through Hospital Case Management

    Our highly successful revenue cycle optimization methods are designed to facilitate streamlined processes that will help you keep up with constantly changing regulations and provide unprecedented financial performance. By entrusting Brundage Group, your facility is sure to reach and maintain higher levels of success in medical finance management than ever before, which means lower costs for patients.

    Unleashing the Potential of Hospital Case Management

    Enhancing Clinical Revenue Cycles

    With years of experience, Brundage Group provides comprehensive case management services tailored to meet each hospital’s needs. Our expert advisors can help optimize revenue cycles for higher recoveries on insurance claims while providing strategic advice towards improving operational efficiency and documentation accuracy, guaranteeing rightful reimbursements with a holistic approach.

    Empowering Your Case Managers

    Brundage Group has a team of experienced case managers committed to providing high-quality, personalized care for you and your patients. Our healthcare experts ensure optimized treatments with seamless transitions while advocating compassionate patient services. We strive to give the best service possible, so you can rest assured knowing your patients are in good hands.

    Collaborative Excellence Through Partnership

    Our expertise lies in understanding hospital operations thoroughly to detect areas of improvement potential. With our help, you can devise strategies that will result in better quality care for patients, cost-efficient operation systems, and higher income generation capability. We have a track record of successful projects based on verified facts like heightened customer satisfaction levels, decreased overhead expenses, and more substantial gains from existing resources.

    Choose Brundage Group

    Brundage Group is an experienced team of professionals who can provide you with deep insight, inspiring ideas, and a personal touch to help you take your healthcare services to the next level. We are passionate about putting patients first while providing better service.

    Igniting Excellence, Together

    At Brundage Group, we are passionate about revolutionizing healthcare with cutting-edge case management excellence. Through our unparalleled expertise and dedication to innovative solutions, our partners benefit from superior clinical revenue cycles.

    Partnering with us will empower your staff while striving for a future of compassion, innovation, and optimal care.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is hospital case management, and how does it differ from traditional care coordination?

    Hospital case management is a comprehensive approach to ensuring a holistic patient experience by coordinating care across healthcare settings to address medical, social, emotional, and financial needs. This streamlined process bridges the gap between different areas of care with improved outcomes at a lower cost.

    How can case management improve patient outcomes?

    Case management ensures seamless communication between healthcare professionals, reduces unnecessary delays, and minimizes errors in care transitions. This results in improved patient outcomes, reduced hospital readmissions, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

    Why should hospitals partner with Brundage Group for case management services?

    Brundage Group has extensive experience in healthcare advisory, analytics, and staffing solutions. Our expertise allows hospitals to optimize their revenue cycle, coordinate care efficiently, and sustain financial growth. We understand how crucial it is for businesses within this field to ensure quality patient care while running a profitable organization; our team strives to provide guidance that will benefit both aspects of any hospital’s operations.

    What role does technology play in case management?

    Technology plays a vital role in case management, enabling efficient communication, data sharing, and tracking patient progress. Our advanced tools and analytics help case managers make informed decisions, leading to better patient outcomes and resource utilization.

    Can hospital case management benefit both large and small healthcare facilities?

    Absolutely. Hospital case management is adaptable to facilities of all sizes. Whether you run a large medical center or a small community hospital, effective case management can enhance patient care, optimize resource allocation, and improve financial outcomes.

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